Your First Antenatal Appointment at Sydney Mother and Baby

Posted on July 6, 2016 - 4:10pm
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Congratulations on your pregnancy and we look forward to meeting you at your first appointment.

We recommend coming in for your first antenatal appointment between 7-10 weeks of pregnancy.Prior to this appointment, you may have already visited your local GP to confirm pregnancy and attend early pregnancy blood tests. It is important that you bring along your referral to your first visit and any blood test results or scan reports that you may already have had.

This first appointment is one of the longest appointments, usually taking up to one hour as you will be seen by both our midwifery team and Dr. Stephen Morris. First you will meet one of our midwives, who will be to caring for you throughout your pregnancy and postnatal period. Our midwifery team consisting of Alexis, Penny and Angela, our Lactation Consultant, work alongside Dr. Morris to give you advice, support and individual guidance from a midwifery perspective. During each visit at Sydney Mother and Baby, we try to ensure that you are seen first by one of our midwives before your appointment with Dr. Morris.

Our midwife will take a full medical history which includes:
• Date of your last menstrual period
• A medical, surgical, gynaecological and pap test history
• Pregnancy history
• Allergy concerns
• Family medical history/genetic conditions
• Birth control methods
• Any other relevant mental health or psychosocial concerns

The Antenatal Yellow Card
The Antenatal yellow card has all of your relevant pregnancy related information documented on it. We give you this card at around 14 weeks gestation, and the card will be updated at every appointment with Dr. Morris. If you ever have an urgent need for an appointment during your work day, or need to seek help from the hospital, it is an important reference card that must be with you.

Early Pregnancy Blood Tests
The importance and relevance of the blood tests in early pregnancy will be discussed at your first appointment. Your baseline profile, if already done, will be collated and documented on the yellow card. If not, you will be given a pathology referral form, for you to attend the necessary blood tests prior to your next appointment.

Early Pregnancy Ultrasound Scans
Information regarding early pregnancy screening ultrasounds will be discussed with you and all relevant request forms will be given to you during the appointment.

Health and Lifestyle Support
This appointment is also a good opportunity to gain health and lifestyle support for pregnancy and beyond if requested. This may include information in regards to:
• Exercise options
• Weight control/dietitian support for pregnancy
• Allied health service information such as physiotherapy, acupuncture and chiropractic support in your area.
• Psychology and counselling services

During this session with our midwife, you can talk about any concerns or ask questions about pregnancy, labour and birth options prior to seeing Dr. Morris.
You will also be given practice information and helpful early pregnancy advice specific to your situation. Immunisations during pregnancy will be discussed and all classes and lactation services that we offer will be outlined.

After seeing our midwife, you will then be seen by Dr. Morris, and as your Obstetrician, he will discuss your history, pregnancy, and your care moving forward. You will be given the opportunity to ask questions and seek advice relevant for you.

Dr. Morris will attend a full pregnancy assessment which includes:
• Your blood pressure
• A breast examination
• Dating Abdominal Ultrasound Scan (which may involve a transvaginal component depending on your situation)

Following your first antenatal appointment, our team is available during office hours between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday, to offer support and advice as needed. Outside of office hours, we would encourage you to seek help from the midwives at your selected maternity hospital.

For more information on your initial appointment at Sydney Mother & Baby, please contact our rooms on 9251 8550 to speak with one of our friendly staff members.

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