Practice update - Tongue Tie Symposium

Tongue Tie Symposium 2014

Posted on October 21, 2014 - 2:32pm
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This week our lactation consultant, Angela Smith, will be attending the Australasian Society for Tongue and Lip ties (ASTLIT) “Cutting Edge” Symposium, held on the Gold Coast.

Up until relatively recently, very little was known about tongue tie. In midwifery and lactation circles, if a baby had a heart shaped tongue or couldn’t get their tongue over the margin of their gums, they were deemed to have a tongue tie. These babies were referred to a Paediatrician or clinic, where the tie was snipped. From a lactation point of view, a baby with a tongue tie often caused nipple damage, no matter how well the baby was positioned and attached at the breast.

Fortunately, things have changed. Anatomical and physiological knowledge has improved, and we have a better understanding of the use of the tongue and upper lip in breastfeeding.

The conference covers topics including the question of surgical snipping or the use of laser, the effects of tongue tie on speech and swallowing disorders, the effects of an upper lip tie on dentition, and of particular interest to Angela is the presentation on tongue dynamics during breastfeeding.

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