Pet Care and Safety During Pregnancy

Safety Precautions Dealing with Pets


Festive Season Information

Helpful Information for the Festive Season

Practice Update

Good Handwashing

For Hygiene and Preventing Illness


Dealing with Depression

Support and Care for Pregnancy and Beyond


The Zika Virus & Pregnancy

Update and Pregnancy Precautions.

Practice Update

The Date Fruit – A Nutritious Powerhouse

If you are planning for a normal vaginal delivery, why not eat some dates!


Antenatal Blood Testing in Pregnancy

In early pregnancy you will be offered a range of tests to assess your general health, either at the GP when your pregnancy is confirmed or during your 1st trimester.

Practice Update

Early Pregnancy Essentials Class

The Early Pregnancy Essentials class, can assist you in being informed and confident for your pregnancy journey.


Umeboshi & Ginger Tea

Umeboshi plum can be used to make a remedial tea for nausea and digestive complaints in early pregnancy.


Yoga & Pregnancy

Yoga is a very popular form of exercise during pregnancy due to it’s relaxing and gentle nature, not to mention the many physical and mental benefits that it can have for new mothers to be.


Your First Antenatal Appointment at Sydney Mother and Baby

The initial stages of pregnancy are a very exciting time for our patients. This month’s newsletter details what will happen at your first antenatal appointment at Sydney Mother and Baby.


Ultrasound Scans in Early Pregnancy

A guide to ultrasound scans and their significance for early pregnancy.

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