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Sydney Mother & Baby is a women's health practice dedicated to caring for pregnant women

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Welcome to Dr Morris | Sydney Mother & Baby. Whether you are reading this because you have recently found out that you are pregnant, or you are hoping to become pregnant, we can help.

Our practice is a welcoming space, with your comfort and wellbeing the priority. Dr Morris and his team are very experienced, offering the highest level of patient service, whether medical or administrative in nature. Our modern practice keeps files electronically and offers online billing options for your convenience.

Our practice is fitted with the latest diagnostic equipment, comprising three ultrasounds, including a four dimensional ultrasound (so you can see and hear your baby). Dr Morris will perform an ultrasound for you at each visit, as part of your antenatal care.

Your First Appointment

We recommend coming for your first appointment at between 7 – 10 weeks of pregnancy. During this appointment, Dr Morris will perform a dating scan with one of our advanced four-dimensional ultrasounds, take your history, discuss birth choices and answer any questions you may have. We would be delighted to hear from you either by phone or email, where our friendly staff will guide you through the booking process, and answer any questions you may have about this exciting time. Following this, Dr Morris will see you approximately 4 weekly until 28 weeks, followed by fortnightly until 36 weeks, and finally weekly until your baby is born.

Sydney Mother & Baby – the benefits of being a patient

Sydney Mother & Baby is Dr Morris’s women’s health practice, dedicated to caring for women during pregnancy and the postnatal period. Dr Morris | Sydney Mother & Baby aims to deliver the best possible standard of care, by providing you with the services of a multi-disciplinary team of committed and passionate professionals. As a patient, you will receive the following services and benefits:

Midwifery & Lactation

As a patient, in addition to the experience and expertise of Dr Stephen Morris as your obstetrician, you will receive care from a team of highly qualified and experienced midwives. The team comprises two midwives, Alexis Upton and Penny Stanbury, and midwife and lactation consultant, Angela Smith. Our midwives will be a very valuable resource to you for information, guidance and support. You will see a midwife at most visits, in addition to your consultation with Dr Morris. Between visits, concerns may arise. We welcome you to phone the rooms for guidance and advice from our midwifery and lactation team.

Antenatal & Postnatal Education

As a patient of Dr Morris you have exclusive access to an extensive range of antenatal and postnatal education classes, including our pregnancy, birth and parenting series, anaesthetics class, yoga, baby massage and many more, taught by our midwifery and lactation team. We also have other clinicians attend to provide classes in their area of expertise.

Our beautiful, custom designed Sydney Mother & Baby classroom is conveniently located downstairs from Dr Morris on level 2. The classroom is fitted with advanced audiovisual equipment, interactive models and demonstrative props so that you can engage in the learning experience in a hands-on and enjoyable way.

To view the full list of classes and timetable, please see the Sydney Mother & Baby page.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Choice of Hospitals

As a patient of Dr Morris you have a choice of four hospitals for your birth, so you can select the environment and facilities that best meet your requirements:

North Shore Private
The Mater
Prince of Wales Private
Royal Prince Alfred

The private hospitals require that you make your own maternity booking. We recommend you to do this early on in your pregnancy, as space may be limited. We are happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding hospital bookings. The Royal Prince Alfred is a public hospital, however, you will be booked and admitted as a private patient. Our office will need to make this booking for you, so please advise us at your earliest convenience if you wish to attend the Royal Prince Alfred.

For all hospital contact details please see contact us.

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