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Sydney Mother and Baby

Essentials for your Birth and Postnatal Stay

Midwife Angela Smith

Practice Update

GP Breastfeeding Seminar 2018

Sydney Mother and Baby breastfeeding update for local GP’s.

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Frequently Asked Questions in the Festive Season

Every year we are asked many questions relating to the festive season. We will try and answer some of those questions for you.

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Infant Sleep

Infant sleep: What an incredibly emotive, and at times, sensitive subject.

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Practice Update

Breastfeeding & Lactation Services

Angela Smith is the lactation consultant at Dr. Stephen Morris’ rooms. Her expertise in lactation will be of great benefit to you if you require antenatal or postnatal lactation consultation.

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The Introduction of Solids – Part 2

Part 2 of The Introduction of Solids, shares some great tips about where to start the process of baby led weaning and what foods to try.

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The Introduction of Solids – Part 1

In May 2016, an Australian Infant Feeding Guidelines summit was held and an agreement was reached on the updates to Australian infant feeding advice.

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How do vaccines work? When do we give the vaccinations? Vaccination during Pregnancy? All these questions and more answered in this month’s newsletter.

Mothers Group

Practice Update

New Mothers Group

The group is aimed at mothers who are isolated or who lack support during the initial postnatal months. However, we would welcome any new mother who wished to join.

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Postnatal Essentials

Postnatal Essentials: Leaving hospital, perineal and wound care, returning to exercise, driving and swimming and much more…

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Practice Update

Expressing & Storing Breastmilk

Our new class – Expressing & Storing Breastmilk commences in November

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Sleep and Newborn Behaviour: Newborn – 3 Months

The expectation of a newborns behavior and sleep habits varies hugely from parent to parent. So… what is considered ‘normal’?

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