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Expressing & Storing Breastmilk

Posted on October 9, 2014 - 1:41pm
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We are excited to announce the commencement of a new class – Expressing & Storing Breastmilk, taken by our midwife and lactation consultant Angela Smith. 

The Expressing & Storing Breastmilk class, taken by our midwife and lactation consultant Angela Smith is held on the Third Tuesday of each month. Please call or email us to reserve your place. Partners are welcome to attend with you, inclusive of the cost. 

When: Third Tuesday of each month, 2-3pm
Where: Sydney Mother & Baby education suite (Level 2, 135 Macquarie St, Sydney)
Cost: $50, inclusive of your partner if they wish to attend

Topics covered:

• When and why we express and store breastmilk

• How to express

• What sort of pump would be best for you? (Handpump, battery, electric)

• Things to consider before buying a breastpump

• How to safely store breastmilk

• How to use frozen breastmilk

• Tips on how to manage returning to work and continue breastfeeding

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