Christmas pudding


Mini Christmas Puddings

This delicious Christmas treat is an easy recipe and only takes 10 minutes to prepare.

Thai beef salad


Thai Beef Salad

This tasty salad is packed full of Iron, which is one of the best nutrients to keep your blood healthy and boost your immune system.

red blood cells


Post Partum Haemorrhage

Blood loss is expected during the birthing process, but approximately 5-15% of pregnant women will experience a post partum haemorrhage, which is excessive blood loss during the birthing process.



Lactation Cookie

These great Lactation Cookies are not only tasty, but also full of essential nutrients.



Pelvic Discomfort in Pregnancy

Pelvic discomfort is usually caused by a combination of factors and affects approximately one in five pregnant women.

strawberry smoothies


Pregnancy Probiotic Smoothie

Try our recipe for a delicious pregnancy probiotic smoothie.

mother breastfeeding

Practice Update

The Irish times: “Breast is best but; not for Irish babies”

An interesting article appeared in the Irish Times on Tuesday about Breastfeeding – or lack there of, in Ireland.

hands and red heart


Anti-D in Pregnancy

What does having an Rh negative blood group mean in pregnancy? Do your require Anti D Immunoglobulin?

woman multitaksing

Practice Update

World Breastfeeding Week 2015

The 1st – 7th August World Breastfeeding Week annually. Each year, there is a theme

pregnant woman and man


Sex in Pregnancy and Post Birth

In normal pregnancy, sex is safe right through to the end of the third trimester.



The Placenta Part II: Delayed Cord Clamping and Cord Blood Banking

Delayed Cord Clamping is the birth practice whereby the umbilical cord is not clamped or cut until pulsation of the umbilical cord has ceased…

baby sleeping

Practice Update

Baby & Child First Aid Classes

First Class: Monday July 27, 11-1pm – Book now!

TENS on womans back


TENS for Pain Relief in Labour

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. It is a very non-invasive, drug free method of controlling pain.

baby in woomb


The Placenta – a vital organ

The placenta is an incredible organ, which protects and houses the growing and developing foetus over the pregnancy term…

LCANZ web image

Practice Update

More than Milk – Breastfeeding Conference

This weekend Angela is attending the Lactation Consultants Association of Australia and New Zealand’s (LCANZ) biannual conference…

patient at hospital

Practice Update

Anaesthetics Class – With Dr Carole Lamond

Monthly complimentary Anaesthetics Class for all patients. Next Class is Wednesday 25 February, 3-4pm.

Mothers Group

Practice Update

New Mothers Group

The group is aimed at mothers who are isolated or who lack support during the initial postnatal months. However, we would welcome any new mother who wished to join.

mother and baby


Postnatal Essentials

Postnatal Essentials: Leaving hospital, perineal and wound care, returning to exercise, driving and swimming and much more…

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