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Newborn Hearing Screening Test

About two in every one thousand babies has significant hearing loss. The hearing screening test…

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Tongue Tie

Tongue Tie is a condition in which the thin piece of tissue under the baby’s tongue, the frenulum, is abnormally short…

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Practice update - Tongue Tie Symposium

Tongue Tie Symposium 2014

Up until relatively recently, very little was known about tongue tie…

Breastfeeding closeup

Practice Update

Expressing & Storing Breastmilk

Our new class – Expressing & Storing Breastmilk commences in November



Breastfeeding & Contraception

If you are breastfeeding, the choices of contraceptive method are different




In pregnancy, there is an increased need for many vitamins and minerals.

Breastfeeding closeup


Breastfeeding Drop-in Clinic

Sydney Mother and Baby are pleased to announce the commencement of a weekly Breastfeeding Drop-in Clinic

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Depression in Pregnancy & the Postnatal Period

Pregnancy, Birth and Parenthood can be a wonderful time, however nearly 20% of mothers and 10% of fathers will experience anxiety and depression during this time.

Vitamin D & Breastfeeding


Vitamin D & Breastfeeding

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter! If you are lucky enough to be heading off on holidays, enjoy, if not, let’s hope the weather in Sydney improves!



Air Travel During Pregnancy

Important Information about Influenza Vaccinations. It’s that time of year again, and flu vaccinations are now available.

Yellow Card for pregnancy


The ‘Yellow Card’

Your ‘Yellow Card’ is something we ask you keep your in your handbag at all times, even in early pregnancy. We outline what the yellow card is all about.

baby sleeping


Sleep and Newborn Behaviour: Newborn – 3 Months

The expectation of a newborns behavior and sleep habits varies hugely from parent to parent. So… what is considered ‘normal’?

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